New tracks from Cut Copy

Cut Copy has announced a new track from their upcoming album called "Free Your Mind."  To hear the track, you must go to one of six locations in the world:

This is how it works:

Step one: travel to one of the six locations.
Step two: open their website on your iPhone or other smart phone.
Step three: your location is determined and verified, and the music for the new Cut Copy track will start playing.

My initial reaction was disappointment.  I want to hear the song right now, as other fans surely do.  The nearest location for me is Detroit (I'm in Brooklyn right now, a 10 hour drive away).

As I think more about how we listen to music in this day and age, perhaps this is a welcome change.  By providing the music in a specific location, Cut Copy creates an experience and a focus for enjoying it, similar to the way that going to see a movie at the theater does for films.  What do you think?

In the meantime, enjoy a different track from their forthcoming album, courtesy their label, Modular:

Live Stream Sigur Rós review, links to videos and more

To celebrate the release of kveikur, sigur rós will play played songs from the album live during a special 360 interactive webcast from Germany.  Fans can interact with cameras and watch the show from whichever angle they want!

During a break from work, I was able to catch part of the live stream, and the interactive cameras were neat, but not totally seamless; whenever you switched cameras, there was a pause in the audio and video stream, which made the experience less than perfect.  Still, the music sounded great, and it was exciting to be involved in the viewing experience from a screen.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to the entire album, previews are available now on iTunes, Amazon, and on their website

New album from Sigur Rós, free preview available now

Sigur Rós has a new release ready for the world and you can now stream their entire new album entitled, Kveikur, before the official release date on June 18, 2013.  If like me, you found the last record lovely but lacking in energy, I think you will like the balance they achieve on this one.  Kveikur is heavier on percussion, more varied in sonic production and yet still incorporates many familiar elements of their music -- the mysterious Icelandic lyrics, Jonsi's layered vocal parts, soaring and uplifting melodies.  I'm looking forward to having Kveikur as the soundtrack to this summer.
Watch the title track video:

Shuggie Otis, Kaleta performing free concerts at MetroTech

In association with BAM, Brooklyn's MetroTech will be hosting a series of free outdoor concerts this summer, including some musical legends and contemporary stars.  Shuggie Otis is a no-brainer; the only issue is it's the very last show of the summer still several months away in... August.  In the meantime, I highly recommend that you go see Kaleta's Zozo Afrobeat Orchestra on June 20th.  Kaleta played in Fela Kuti's touring band, and his ensemble is a faithful continuation of Fela's musical vision and social vision.  I had the pleasure of working with him at a friend's recording studio a couple years back, and not only is he a talented multi-instrumentalist, he is also a very humble and genuinely nice guy.  Sheila E. is also performing at MetroTech, and I expect a big crowd for that.  See you this there this summer!


Zozo Afrobeat Rehearsal footage on Vimeo:

Unreleased Dylan Single to be released April 20th

Dylan fans: here is one reason to get to a local record store on April 20th...  I may have to get it for the cover alone.

From Bob Dylan's website:

"Wigwam single to be released for Record Store Day

In celebration of Record Store Day 2013, Columbia Records will release a 7" vinyl single featuring an unreleased demo of "Wigwam" backed with a previously unreleased recording of "Thirsty Boots" from the forthcoming Bootleg Series Vol. 10.
Pick up your copy on Saturday, April 20, at participating independent record stores."

Listen to Wigwam on Vimeo

The Making of Screamadelica

Primal Scream began life as a teenage rock and roll band, like many other groups.  Along the way, they discovered raves, samplers and dance music in the late-80's club scene, and the influence of their late-night experiences resulted in Screamadelica in 1991 (also see previous blog post about its 20th anniversary).  A new documentary goes behind the scenes in the making of this seminal album, with insightful interviews with the members of Primal Scream, producer Andrew Weatherall, and Creation boss Alan McGee.

Like other documentaries in the Classic Albums series, some of the interviews are held in the original studios that the band recorded the music, with detailed breakdown of how the song originated, some of the happy accidents that led to a particular guitar part or sample, and what they were feeling at the time. The success of the album after its release and the subsequent tours, endless partying, and the surprising award of the Mercury Prize over U2 are now part of the larger than life story of one of the best albums ever made.

The Making of Screamadelica on Netflix

Also out now, a limited collector's edition version to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Screamadelica housed in a circular tin reminiscent of PiL's Metal Box: