The Making of Screamadelica

Primal Scream began life as a teenage rock and roll band, like many other groups.  Along the way, they discovered raves, samplers and dance music in the late-80's club scene, and the influence of their late-night experiences resulted in Screamadelica in 1991 (also see previous blog post about its 20th anniversary).  A new documentary goes behind the scenes in the making of this seminal album, with insightful interviews with the members of Primal Scream, producer Andrew Weatherall, and Creation boss Alan McGee.

Like other documentaries in the Classic Albums series, some of the interviews are held in the original studios that the band recorded the music, with detailed breakdown of how the song originated, some of the happy accidents that led to a particular guitar part or sample, and what they were feeling at the time. The success of the album after its release and the subsequent tours, endless partying, and the surprising award of the Mercury Prize over U2 are now part of the larger than life story of one of the best albums ever made.

The Making of Screamadelica on Netflix

Also out now, a limited collector's edition version to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Screamadelica housed in a circular tin reminiscent of PiL's Metal Box:

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