Holiday hours

Etherea will be closed on Christmas Day. We'll be back to our normal hours on Friday, December 26th, and closing early at 7PM on New Years Eve. Expect us open New Years Day, around 1PM. Happy Holidays and many thanks to our loyal customers!

Etherea djs at nublu this Friday, Nov. 21st

Once again we have been invited by the folks at nublu to dj before and after the live performance, this time by nublu artists, Love Trio and Zigmat.

LOVE TRIO plays...Ilhan Ersahin . Jesse Murphy . Kenny Wollesen
ZIGMAT plays a set at 10
ETHEREA djs 11PM til 4AM

nublu is at 62 ave C between 4-5th st, East Village, Manhattan

TAG SALE! 20-30% lots of new cd titles

We're having a yellow tag sale on many new releases and catalog titles at steep discount - 20-30% off! Some highlights include:

Squarepusher : Just a Souvenir CD $10.99
Vivian Girls : s/t CD $8.99
Patti Smith/Kevin Shields : Coral Sea 2-CD $14.99
Hatchback : Colors of the Sun CD $11.99

And many others, stop by to see the selection and listen to any title at the register on our listening station!

Advance Circoloco tickets... til 6pm!!

We did get a batch of $50 presale tickets for the Circoloco Halloween Party, but they are selling quickly. Last call is 6PM sharp. Tickets will be at the door after 10PM, it will cost $60 at the door.

*JUST ANNOUNCED - Location is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 213 N 8th St, 11211*

Here are the fine details:

ROOM 1 : Circoloco
Tania Vulcano /Four:Twenty Recordings, DC10, Ibiza/
Cirillo /DC10, Ibiza/
Andrew Grant /Unfoundsound, DC10, Ibiza/
Julio /Sheik 'n' Beik, NY/

GummiHz /Mobilee, Berlin/
Elon /Clink, Dumb-Unit, NY/
Connie /reSOLUTE, NY/
Alka Rex LIVE ! /NY/
Animaltek LIVE

Time: 10pm - 10am

Squarepusher : Just a Souvenir CD/LP on sale now!

“This album started as a daydream about watching a crazy, beautiful rock band play an ultra-gig.

At first, a giant fluorescent image of a coat hanger appeared at the back of the stage. A couple of seconds later a full size replica of the Camden Falcon backroom materialised around the glowing coat hanger. Upon the stage was a group composed of five musicians. They seemed to be of differing ages, some young, some old. I noticed that the drummer was an Eskimo. They played instruments either of their own design or conventional ones that were modified such that they could be used to generate a range of sounds not typically associated with a rock band. For instance, one of the musicians appeared to be using a device attached to the body of his classical guitar that allowed him to accelerate or decelerate time in his immediate vicinity. At a certain point he seemed to quickly reverse back to a couple of months ago. My suspicions were corroborated by his hair and beard temporarily looking rather shorter. Sonically, this had the effect of extruding certain melodic phrases into shimmering monoliths and slow emotion wave fronts. Other sounds being generated near to him on stage also got partially sucked into the time sponge and were returned at high speed as imploded sonic pin cushions.

The coat hanger started glowing emerald green. At the same time, a river emerged on the stage and appeared to be running under the drum kit. I was concerned for the safety of the musicians being as it was that they were powering their other-worldly equipment with electricity. Just as I began to venture a comment, the members of the band that weren’t kayaking were enveloped in a localised electrical storm. As the electricity arced around various nodal points such as the drummer’s left hand, the guitarist’s teeth and a Venus fly trap that was sitting just behind the bass amp, I noticed to my relief that they weren’t being incinerated by this high voltage extravaganza. No, but it did seem to have the effect of generating a bass -distortion that sounded as if the bass guitar was actually a RSJ being played with a chainsaw, enclosed in a ventilated cabinet of fine mahogany. In fact, the high voltage was smash-mapping the bass line to a lightning wave and then amplifying it millions of times over. The bassist was now using the entire building as a speaker.

My vision at this stage was hence somewhat blurred, but I am sure I saw all of the drums in the drummer’s kit rapidly exchanging places with one another. The snare drum would occasionally rocket to the ceiling and hover there for minutes at a time, oscillating at rates factorially related to the tempo. Thus it started to act as a receiver for electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby neutron stars. The strange lonely songs of astral bodies echoed about the room as their electromagnetic radiation was demodulated by the UHF calf skin. Then it exploded, showering the band in pieces of plywood.

It was at this stage that my attention was switched to the electric guitar player. Splinters of detonated snare drum were striking the strings of his guitar such that his right hand was free to operate a cupboard full of granite spheres illuminated in a dull orange. As he did, his person rapidly fragmented into various historical stages of mankind. For example, there was a Cro-Magnon man and a Homo Erectus playing Monopoly. The Cro-Magnon appeared to be winning. Suddenly the Cro-Magnon was in a headlock. Suddenly everyone in the room was incredibly happy. Riffs of medieval joy bloomed about the small man as he struggled to fight back tears of elation. They were happy because they were real. They were smoking because they were real. The coat hanger winked out, they thanked me and left forthwith leaving no trace save a small dent where a pantechnicon lorry had smashed through the back wall of the stage to deliver a replacement snare drum.

What to do after an experience of that order? As the room around me regained its familiar shape, I was left with an urgent sense of responsibility that I do honour to this vision of a remarkable ensemble. My memory of it was the only souvenir, and I feared its vulnerability with only a skull to protect it. I ventured forth to the studio shortly after the New Year. I emerged on July 15th. This is the result. I hope you enjoy it. ” Tom J, Squarepusher


Fall brings great new releases, and this year is no exception. Here are some of the highlights on sale now:

Hatchback : Colors of the Sun (Lo Recordings) "One half of Windsurf, the duo on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal label, Samuel Milton Grawe goes solo with more great cosmic disco sounds as Hatchback. An array of vintage synthesizers, analog drum machines, and the venerable Fender Rhodes electric piano create classic sounds with a modern twist. If Dennis Wilson was still alive, he'd be making music like this."

Michna : Magic Monday (Ghostly) NYC DJ/producer, Adrian Michna, formerly of Secret Frequency Crew comes out big with his first solo album. "Apart from the tightly woven musical amalgam of hip-hop, booty and electro, it’s the detailed process that makes Michna’s debut album, Magic Monday, move. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the album is its rich element of musicality; in an era when hip-hop tracks have devolved into two-note keyboard loops, songs like “Skunk Walk” live up to their name with full-bodied funk and live horns."

Morgan Geist : Double Night Time (Environ) "Double Night Time is the new album from Morgan Geist and his first solo artist album in over a decade. Instrumentally, the orchestra Geist employs is decidedly more Yellow Magic than philharmonic: unlike his Metro Area project or the disco music he DJs all over the world, a conscious decision was made to design an album that was almost purely electronic outside of human vocals, with classic synthetic sound design and arrangements. Geist wanted Double Night Time to be the sound of one person making music in a studio, programming a private world, recapturing the lonely and romantic sentiments associated with his formative music-making experiences."

Milosh : III (Plug Research) "Milosh (Toronto, Canada) makes music for the mind, body and spirit. Introspective, intimate, sensual electro-folk steeped in perfumed melancholy and luscious romance. Combining beats, samples, guitars, strings and the most silken falsetto voice since prime-time Smokey Robinson, the third Milosh album iii takes the listener on an emotional journey through an exquisitely beautiful musical landscape. A classically trained cellist, jazz aficionado, Neil Young fan and devotee of left-field electronica, the Toronto-based Michael Milosh does not fit conventional pop categories - and nor does his music."

Vivian Girls : s/t (In the Red) "Swirling noise topped with sweetly angelic vocals is practically a can't-miss concoction. Within seconds of hearing their seductive three-part vocal harmonies lushly interwoven with chest-pounding waves of beautiful feedback, it's obvious that their songs are hard to resist, especially if you find yourself keen on the mid-'80s noise pop trifecta of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Vaselines, and the Shop Assistants."

Large vinyl collection from former house DJ

We recently purchased a large collection of records from a NY deejay this morning, about 2500 pieces of house, tech, disco, EDM, jazzy, freestyle, etc. Mostly 90's to 2005, mostly 12" singles, some albums. Some hip hop, and a lot of rarities and classics in excellent condition. SOME of it is now priced, but you are welcome to take a look, listen on the turntable, and we'll price them up as you pull, and give you a discount if you are purchasing over $100. Most 12" singles will be priced to move at $5-$8.


This was the message from the promoters:

Dear friends,

On behalf of Blk|Market Membership, Bar13 and Ku-Deta, we are very sad to have to say this, but due to Hurricane Hannah hitting the east coast on Saturday evening, the boat party with Pig+Dan is officially cancelled. We were really looking forward to this as were many of you all, but the matter is beyond our control. The boat company and coast guard have mentioned that the boat will not set sail due to the incoming weather. We have also checked a few venues to have this party at but due to such short notice, everything is already fully booked for the weekend. Please note that we will have Pig+Dan play together for us sometime in the very near future.

Please spread the word about this cancellation to everyone that you know with our message. For the many of you that purchased tickets online, we are working on getting you back a full refund via

Free Stereolab 7" to give away with LP/CD purchases!

Stereolab fans, rejoice! The new album is here (cd/2-LP) and their label has been kind enough to send us some limited (5000) 7" singles to give away with the album. The A-side is Spool of Collusion, the B-side has Forensic Itch. Neither track appears on the album. Purchases must be made in person, one per customer. The LP comes with a free MP3 download of the entire album.

Etherea dj's at nublu, Friday Sept 19th 2008

Our friends at nublu have invited us once again to provide some tunes at their East Village club. In case you haven't been, nublu is a cool smaller music venue/club that retains the global feel of the neighborhood, serving up live music from around the world, and some of New York's finest up-and-coming musicians. What I like best about nublu is the crowd - open-minded to all kinds of music, always diverse, and ready to dance to whatever we bring. Come join us from 10-4AM. If you get there early, you should be able to get in free; after 11PM there's a cover charge of $10. Special guests? We'll see what happens...

New Arrivals for July 8, 2008

Some great new releases came in today including:

Beck- Modern Guilt CD (LP version will be on sale JULY 22nd)
Liquid Liquid -s/t CD (Reissue of the Mo'Wax/Grand Royal compilation of singles)
Ratatat- LP3 CD/LP **FREE Ratatat Logo Iron-On, aprox 10.5" x 2.5", with purchase while supplies last
Patti Smith/Kevin Shields - The Coral Sea CD (recent collaboration between these two legends in honor of Robert Mapplethorpe)
Albert Hammond Jr. - Como Te Llama? CD (2nd solo album)
Woody- Selected Works CD (Gigolo)
VA - Milkshake CD (miniBar)
Heartthrob - Dear Painter CD (minus)
Tobias Thomas - Space Shuffle CD (Rekids)
Anthony Rother - My Name Is CD (Telekraft)

BUY 3 used cds, get a 4th FREE!

We've gotten alot of used cd collections recently so we're having a sale this week on all used cds in stock. Buy 3 used cds, get a 4th one (lowest priced) FREE!! Stop by the store and check out the selection-- lots of recent and solid catalog titles already priced to sell.

Store hours this Friday, July 4th

In honor celebration of this Fourth of July, Etherea will be open at noon, but closing early at 5:30 PM. Stop by for specials, poster giveaways, and discounts on regularly priced stock.

New arrivals for the weekend

THIS JUST IN: Giant import delivery with lots of new titles from Germany and the UK!! Really too much great music at once:

ADULTNAPPER Audiomatique Volume 2.0 CD
FUCK BUTTONS Street Horrrsing 2LP
ABER, SHLOMI In Theory Yes/Efrat 12"
VA Grand Cru 2008 2CD
GARCIA, ANDRES No More Tears 12"
OBLIO The Crux of the Matter 12"
IN FLAGRANTI Firmly Planted Memories 12"
STIMMING & EINMUSIK Madeleine/Magdalena 12"
ELON Birds EP 12"
QUANTEC Unusual Signals CD
HOT CHIP One Pure Thought 2x12"
VA Serie Noire: Dark Pop And New Beat CD
VA Serie Noire: Dark Pop And New Beat 2LP
LOW MOTION DISCO Love Love Love Part 2 of 2 12"
LOW MOTION DISCO Things Are Gonna Get Easier 12"
BALDELLI Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!!Part Two 12"
EYE OF STYLE Stick/Burlesque 12"
MUNK Gommagang 3 CD
GARNIER, LAURENT Back To My Roots EP 12"
RICE TWINS, THE The Signifier 12"
KALIBER Kaliber 19 12"
23s, THE Bolivia CD
GAS Nah Und Fern 2LP/ CD box
BORATTO/SCSI 9, GUI Speicher 55 12"
DAPAYK & PADBERG Black Beauty Rmxs Part 2 12"
BEYER, ADAM Fuse Presents Adam Beyer CD
GUMMIHZ Back To Back Vol. Two 2CD
SCHNEIDER, ANJA Beyond The Valley CD
FORCE OF NATURE 3 - European Edition 12"
CAROLA, MARCO Plus Two 12"
SOLOMON, LUKE The Difference Engine CD
VA Round Black Ghosts CD
GERBER, GUY Disorientation 12"
VA New Orleans Funk Volume 2 LP
2562 Aerial CD
VA 100 CD (Traum compilation)
HAZE, JAY Love & Beyond CD

Four Tet drops off bill at Studio B

This is a very last minute announcement from Four Tet's management and the Brooklyn venue, Studio B. Four Tet was scheduled to appear at Studio B tonight, June 6th. No word on a rescheduled appearance. Still a great lineup, and worth the ticket price for the remaining acts. See below:

We regret to inform you that Four Tet has dropped off the bill for Friday's Show.


"We are truely sorry to have to cancel this show, unfortunately a family emergency came up and we had to make a decision based on what felt right. This show was incredibly important to us and we apologise for any disappointment this last minute cancellation may have caused -sometimes our personal lives have to come first i guess! We'll be rescheduling another date in New York as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding."

Etherea thanks you

(Photo courtesy of Stupefaction)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come by this past Saturday the 19th, Record Store Day! We couldn't do it without you. Come to think of it, a general thanks to all of our customers who come in at any time!

Anyway, Record Store Day was a blast and we're already looking forward to next year.

New arrivals for April 11, 2008

These just in today, some in very limited quantities:

Ellen Allien - Boogybytes 4 DJ Mix CD
Mekons - The Mekons Story CD
Apparat - Things Frickled 2xCD (comp of remixes)
John Dahlback - Winners & Fools CD/2LP
Gal Costa reissue of s/t 1969 album on CD
Wighnomy Bros - Metawuff CD (Freude 003)
Tall Firs - Too Old to Die CD on Ecstatic Peace
M83 - Saturdays=Youth CD

Junior Boys - No Kinda Man 12" on Get Physical
Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo 12"on Alpha
Markus Fix - Yes You Know 12" on Below
Reinhard Voigt - All In 12" on Kompakt
Steadycam - Speicher 58" on Kompakt

...and many others. Stop in to preview or buy these releases.

Shearwater to premiere new material May 5th

On Monday, May 5th, Shearwater will premiere "Rook" in a special concert at the beautiful Florence Gould Concert Hall at Manhattan’s French Institute.

For this event, Shearwater will be joined by a string quartet, woodwinds, trumpets, and a harpist, and will play the new album, "Rook", in its entirety, along with a set of older songs.

The New York show will begin with a solo performance by the legendary Michael Gira (Swans, Angels of Light), and will also feature projections by Kahn & Selesnick, the team behind Rook’s cover art.

Tickets to this event are limited. For New York (May 5), they are available from Ticketmaster, starting Friday, April 11 at 10am.

This just in....

In case you didn't notice, there was quite a bit of snowfall in NYC today, and I got to shovel some snow this morning--for the first time this year. Nevertheless, we still got our regular UPS deliveries in with a bunch of new arrivals:

Waldeck's Gramophone Vol.1 CD: The first in a new series, "WALDECK'S GRAMOPHONE" is a superb blend of old and nu forms of jazz stylings, with a definite swing to it all. Cuts come from DJANGO REINHARDT, PINK MARTINI, CESARIA EVORIA, and many more.

Jazzbox-"JAZZ IS THE GRASS I CUT" CD is a collection of Scandinavian jazz standards cut-up and rearranged for the late night heads in fine style by JAZZBOX, including a superb take on LOUIE ARMSTRONG's "WHEN YOU'RE SMILING."

Chris Joss-Teraphonic Overdubs LP on ESL (his new album released on vinyl only so far)

People Take Warning: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938, a lavish new 3-CD box set of Depression-era tracks celebrating the tragic stories captured in music (with intro by Tom Waits)

Onur Ozer-Kasmir CD/LP "The debut album for both, Onur and Vakant, Kasmir presents the musical world Onur was surrounded by, from the mystical Arabesque and Turkish art music, to the deep synthetic pulses that come through the drivers of some of the world's biggest sound systems on which he plays."

WIRE magazine, March 2008 issue.

Hot Chip-Made in the Dark LP version, finally.

And some new 12" vinyl:
Kraak & Smaak-That's Our Word EP
Young Lovers-Love you Madly EP
Oungin Collective-Riddim Come
Jimster-Dangly Panther
Only Fools and Horses-Spectacle Wins (new one from Permanent Vacation label)
Ssion-Clown (Glass Candy remix)

Cat Power Jukebox preview

Chan Marshall comes out with a second album of covers, this Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008; this one's a tribute to the great vocalists who've influenced her over the years, backed by a full band of indie all-stars. I imagine you're already a Cat Power fan, so I think you already know how great this record will be, but if you'd like to come down to etherea and have an advance listen, I got a copy to play in-store before the album officially hits the shelves.

The album comes in two versions: deluxe silver-foil gatefold cover (LP and CD) with bonus disc of extra tracks and regular jewelcase version (CD only).

Jukebox tracklist:

01 Theme From 'New York, New York' (Kander/Ebb; popularized by Frank Sinatra/Liza Minnelli)
02 Metal Heart (Cat Power)
03 Ramblin' (Wo)man (Hank Williams)
04 Song To Bobby (Cat Power-- new song)
05 Aretha, Sing One For Me (J Harris/Eugene William; originally sung by George Jackson)
06 Lost Someone (James Brown)
07 I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)
08 Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
09 Silver Stallion (Lee Clayton)
10 Dark End of the Street (Chips Moman/Dan Penn; originally sung by James Carr)
11 Don't Explain (Billie Holiday)
12 Woman Left Lonely (Spooner Oldham/Dan Penn, popularized by Janis Joplin)

Backed by Dirty Delta Blues (Judah Bauer, Gregg Foreman, Jim White, Erik Papparazzi). Guest appearances: Spooner Oldham (Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan), Larry McDonald (Toots & The Maytals, Taj Mahal), Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Memphis Rhythm Band), and Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Will Oldham).