New tracks from Cut Copy

Cut Copy has announced a new track from their upcoming album called "Free Your Mind."  To hear the track, you must go to one of six locations in the world:

This is how it works:

Step one: travel to one of the six locations.
Step two: open their website on your iPhone or other smart phone.
Step three: your location is determined and verified, and the music for the new Cut Copy track will start playing.

My initial reaction was disappointment.  I want to hear the song right now, as other fans surely do.  The nearest location for me is Detroit (I'm in Brooklyn right now, a 10 hour drive away).

As I think more about how we listen to music in this day and age, perhaps this is a welcome change.  By providing the music in a specific location, Cut Copy creates an experience and a focus for enjoying it, similar to the way that going to see a movie at the theater does for films.  What do you think?

In the meantime, enjoy a different track from their forthcoming album, courtesy their label, Modular:

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