Large vinyl collection from former house DJ

We recently purchased a large collection of records from a NY deejay this morning, about 2500 pieces of house, tech, disco, EDM, jazzy, freestyle, etc. Mostly 90's to 2005, mostly 12" singles, some albums. Some hip hop, and a lot of rarities and classics in excellent condition. SOME of it is now priced, but you are welcome to take a look, listen on the turntable, and we'll price them up as you pull, and give you a discount if you are purchasing over $100. Most 12" singles will be priced to move at $5-$8.


This was the message from the promoters:

Dear friends,

On behalf of Blk|Market Membership, Bar13 and Ku-Deta, we are very sad to have to say this, but due to Hurricane Hannah hitting the east coast on Saturday evening, the boat party with Pig+Dan is officially cancelled. We were really looking forward to this as were many of you all, but the matter is beyond our control. The boat company and coast guard have mentioned that the boat will not set sail due to the incoming weather. We have also checked a few venues to have this party at but due to such short notice, everything is already fully booked for the weekend. Please note that we will have Pig+Dan play together for us sometime in the very near future.

Please spread the word about this cancellation to everyone that you know with our message. For the many of you that purchased tickets online, we are working on getting you back a full refund via