Confused by the blogs? UPDATE

Many of you have been bewildered by the blogging that has been going on about the closing of Etherea (specifically the Brooklyn Vegan post about Etherea being "saved"). Well, here's the real story. My lease here on Avenue A is over. Etherea the shop on AVE A is now officially closed. One of my employees, namely DJ Brion, decided he wanted to buy out my store when I told him I was closing and start his own record shop in same location with a new partner, but sadly, this has fallen through. He is not planning a new store on Ave A or anywhere else for that matter.

open by appointment

So I'm getting ready to move out of here, packing, and planning to be open by appointment only for the next couple days. If you really need to make a purchase or if you are interested in fixtures, email me rich at or try calling the store 212-358-1126.


This will be the final weekend of Etherea, so please stop in, say hello and take advantage of our closing sale. Everything will be on sale at 30% off. This includes new releases, new and used cds and vinyl, accessories, and magazines. There is a fixture list for those interested in purchasing cabinets, listening stations, lighting and more. During the last week of February, we will be closed to pack and clear out the space, so now is the time to do your last-minute shopping!