Artist Spotlight: Dustin Wong

Dustin Wong appeared at Brooklyn venue, Glasslands, this past Friday, opening up for Merge artist, Hospitality (pics courtesy Brooklyn Vegan).  

I knew what to expect, having heard his excellent album from 2010, Infinite Love, but the hypnotic guitar loops took on another dimension in the larger space.  Halfway through his set, the music took an unexpected turn as he stood up from his assortment of delay pedals to play guitar - and sing.  Dustin Wong will be releasing a brand new album on Thrill Jockey on February 21.  Here is some background on Dustin:

"From Hawaii to Japan to the United States, Dustin Wong has had quite an episodic childhood; learning English and forgetting it as his family and he relocated to Japan at the age of two, having to re-learn English and joining a punk band in his early teens contrasting the oppressive conditions of Catholic school, Dustin surely went through some turmoil. In 2008 he started the quintet Ponytail with friends from art school. In 2010, after many performances and two albums worth of songs, the band announced their perfomance at Whartscape that year may be their last. The individual endeavors of the band’s members had led them to an indefinite hiatus. Since then Dustin has released 2009′s Seasons, a collection of ideas from 2002 to 2007 captured with just the internal mic on his laptop. In 2010, he released Let It Go, which pushed further the integration of technical guitar riffs with processed voice, drum, keyboard textures, and the limitless imagination of recording; finally Infinite Love the same year, which showcases a true representation of Dustin’s live performance built almost entirely of fast-paced guitar loops." (Courtesy

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