Revisiting My Way by Akufen

Going through my dance records recently I came across a vinyl copy of Akufen's full-length from 2002 entitled My Way. I remember how much I loved listening to it when it came out, but since then I haven't given it much of a listen. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it has held up:

"Microsampling – Every morning when I wake up, it's become customary for me to surf the airwaves on both my tuners and shortwave receivers. (...) All that we hear on the air is dead within a few seconds. (...) I attempt to give new life to dead airwaves on the very moment of their short existence. (...) Every form of music has a right to exist – and be microsampled. I try to give a new life to sound and gift it with immortality" - Marc Leclair

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