Dear etherea community,

After 13 and 1/2 years, my record shop, etherea, is closing for good at the end of February. It's been a great journey for me, and I feel grateful to everyone who has contributed to making it a success. Big thanks to all current and former employees, friends who pitched in to help the shop, and to all you loyal customers out there around the globe.

I will be honoring all gift certificates, deposits, and store credits outstanding, so bring those in asap. All merchandise, inventory and fixtures will be on sale starting today, so stop by to get some great deals - 30% off everything in the store. I'm also getting rid of lots of promo posters for free.

If you know anyone out there who is starting or wants to start a store, and is interested in purchasing fixtures and/or stock, please contact me for a list.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the shop by going out of your way to make music purchases there, it's been a pleasure.

Rich Kim, owner


EV Grieve said...

I'm really sorry to see you go, Rich.

Thanks for keeping us in the know on the latest music through the years.

All the best to you.

carlos m. said...

rich, just now i actually decided to google etherea (completely randomly, no joke) and this is the page i found.. posted earlier today?! that is crazy. really surreal. what can i say.. it's awful that you're closing, and i'm not sure the circumstances but the whole world is f**ked too if that is any consolation at all. things are really bad right now. anyhow, it was a pleasure to have worked at etherea back in the day, circa 2000, and to have been a part of it then. those were great times with great music. best wishes to you in what ever comes next, man.