Fall brings great new releases, and this year is no exception. Here are some of the highlights on sale now:

Hatchback : Colors of the Sun (Lo Recordings) "One half of Windsurf, the duo on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal label, Samuel Milton Grawe goes solo with more great cosmic disco sounds as Hatchback. An array of vintage synthesizers, analog drum machines, and the venerable Fender Rhodes electric piano create classic sounds with a modern twist. If Dennis Wilson was still alive, he'd be making music like this."

Michna : Magic Monday (Ghostly) NYC DJ/producer, Adrian Michna, formerly of Secret Frequency Crew comes out big with his first solo album. "Apart from the tightly woven musical amalgam of hip-hop, booty and electro, it’s the detailed process that makes Michna’s debut album, Magic Monday, move. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the album is its rich element of musicality; in an era when hip-hop tracks have devolved into two-note keyboard loops, songs like “Skunk Walk” live up to their name with full-bodied funk and live horns."

Morgan Geist : Double Night Time (Environ) "Double Night Time is the new album from Morgan Geist and his first solo artist album in over a decade. Instrumentally, the orchestra Geist employs is decidedly more Yellow Magic than philharmonic: unlike his Metro Area project or the disco music he DJs all over the world, a conscious decision was made to design an album that was almost purely electronic outside of human vocals, with classic synthetic sound design and arrangements. Geist wanted Double Night Time to be the sound of one person making music in a studio, programming a private world, recapturing the lonely and romantic sentiments associated with his formative music-making experiences."

Milosh : III (Plug Research) "Milosh (Toronto, Canada) makes music for the mind, body and spirit. Introspective, intimate, sensual electro-folk steeped in perfumed melancholy and luscious romance. Combining beats, samples, guitars, strings and the most silken falsetto voice since prime-time Smokey Robinson, the third Milosh album iii takes the listener on an emotional journey through an exquisitely beautiful musical landscape. A classically trained cellist, jazz aficionado, Neil Young fan and devotee of left-field electronica, the Toronto-based Michael Milosh does not fit conventional pop categories - and nor does his music."

Vivian Girls : s/t (In the Red) "Swirling noise topped with sweetly angelic vocals is practically a can't-miss concoction. Within seconds of hearing their seductive three-part vocal harmonies lushly interwoven with chest-pounding waves of beautiful feedback, it's obvious that their songs are hard to resist, especially if you find yourself keen on the mid-'80s noise pop trifecta of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Vaselines, and the Shop Assistants."

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